Dahilayan Adventure Park: Asia’s Longest Dual Zip Line

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By Rose Mary Sudaria

LOCAL and foreign tourists who are staying in Cagayan de Oro for the summer are invited to experience the breathtaking and heart pumping zip line adventures at the Dahilayan Adventure Park.

The newly opened national park, which is 4,700 feet above sea level is located in Manolo Fortich, Bukidnon, just 40 kilometers away from Cagayan de Oro city proper.

Dahilayan Adventure Park is famous for it’s longest dual zip zone consisting of dual carrying cables each 840 meters long from point to point, safety cable is also 840 meters long. Total length of cables is 2,460 meters. Elevation drop is 100 meters with estimated speed ranging from 60-100 KPH.

With cool mountain breeze and ever green pine trees surrounding the area, Dahilayan is definitely worth the visit if you’re planning to enjoy the summer with your family and friends. The adventure park also has other exciting activities for their visitors. They currently offer horseback riding trips, ATV rides for teens and adults, the Zorbit, and a Mini-boat Ski ride.

How to go there

IF you’re planning to go there with your colleagues and friends, make sure to hire a private transport vehicle such as a jeep or van. The road passing through Camp Philips (the farm road owned by Del Monte) tends to be a bit dusty during hot season and muddy during rainy season.

While the road going to the nature park itself is a bit rocky and undeveloped so be sure that the vehicle you’re using is well equipped to handle mountainous terrains. From the city proper, take a 15-20 minute ride to Puerto, the entrance point to Bukidnon.
As soon as you reach barangay Ala-e you’ll be stopping by at a nearest footbath station; this is the 1st land mark that you need to remember.

Once you pass by the footbath area, you’ll then be passing towards a rotunda with two roads leading to two different directions the one on the left is the road going to the city of Malaybalay and Valencia, while the road on the right is going towards Del Monte Camp Phillips.
Take the right road and travel further until you reach the pineapple farm. This is where the journey to Dahilayan begins. Just go straight ahead passing by the pineapple plantation fields until you reach barangay Dahilayan.

Just look around for markers that indicate where the adventure park is so that you’re going on the right direction. You can also ask locals around the place so they can point you in the right direction.

Dahilayan Adventure Park Rates:

Zip Line – (Zip Zone Package: Includes 840m and 320m + 150m Zip Rides) php 600.00
ATV Tours – (20mins) php 400.00
Mini Boat Ski Ride – (15mins) php 200.00
Zorbit – (minimum of 2 persons) php400.00
Horseback Riding – php 200.00
(Note: Prices are subject to change without prior notice)

While waiting for your turn to go zip lining you can stay at their newly built gazebos and picnic tables and spend time enjoying the awesome breeze and surrounding view at the park. Food and drinks may be scarce at the park so don’t forget to bring your own food and drinks. Also, due to sudden weather and temperature change everyone is requested to bring their winter coats and jackets.

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    Yes, this is one of the best places to go if you are visiting Cagayan de Oro or if you have invested in real estate property in CDO. The best time would be in the months of March to May when the weather is fine or just before the monsoon rains come. Thanks for sharing.

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