Endangered flowers, plant species found in Camiguin

BusinessWeek Mindanao
December 16 2010

THE volcanic pear shaped island in Northern Mindanao is not only a treasure trove of endangered fauna but of flora as well.
A team of Singaporean scientists recently visited Camiguin and confirmed some interesting flower and plant species found in its rain-forest.

The study of Dr. Lesley C. Lubos on the diversity of bryophytes plants in Camiguin, which won international
recognition this year, has led to the discovery of these plants.

Most of the plants identified are endemic in the island, the list includes the red and yellow colored rhododendron orchid, begonia, nepenthes pitcher plant, spathoglottis orchid, aeschymanthus, balanophora plant, lopidium moss and the coral fugus.

Bryophytes are chiefly terrestrial, nonvascular plants, like the mosses, liverworts, and hornworts.

In a press release, Dr. Lubos said it took him a month to finish the study under the mentorship of Singaporean Bryologist and a herbarium keeper Dr. Benito C. Tan. The study poses the importance of bryophytes in preserving the forest ecosystem.

To date, the provincial government, in cooperation with the Office of Lady McNiece in Singapore, Philippine Association of Institutions for Research and the Liceo the Cagayan University have been actively campaigning for the protection of the endangered plant and flower species.

They have already launched a poster showing the images of the flowers and plant bearing the slogan “Discover, Enjoy and Conserve the richness of the plant diversity in Camiguin Island.”

One thought on “Endangered flowers, plant species found in Camiguin

  1. Viel

    Sad, because the national media and Filipino people were not paying attention of this gift. this is our identity its not just about the plant. This is us. sad, we pay attention to politics but don’t pay attention to such research

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