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Dahilayan Adventure Park: Asia’s Longest Dual Zip Line

Business Week-Mindanao
By Rose Mary Sudaria

LOCAL and foreign tourists who are staying in Cagayan de Oro for the summer are invited to experience the breathtaking and heart pumping zip line adventures at the Dahilayan Adventure Park.

The newly opened national park, which is 4,700 feet above sea level is located in Manolo Fortich, Bukidnon, just 40 kilometers away from Cagayan de Oro city proper.

Dahilayan Adventure Park is famous for it’s longest dual zip zone consisting of dual carrying cables each 840 meters long from point to point, safety cable is also 840 meters long. Total length of cables is 2,460 meters. Elevation drop is 100 meters with estimated speed ranging from 60-100 KPH.

With cool mountain breeze and ever green pine trees surrounding the area, Dahilayan is definitely worth the visit if you’re planning to enjoy the summer with your family and friends. The adventure park also has other exciting activities for their visitors. They currently offer horseback riding trips, ATV rides for teens and adults, the Zorbit, and a Mini-boat Ski ride.

How to go there

IF you’re planning to go there with your colleagues and friends, make sure to hire a private transport vehicle such as a jeep or van. The road passing through Camp Philips (the farm road owned by Del Monte) tends to be a bit dusty during hot season and muddy during rainy season.

While the road going to the nature park itself is a bit rocky and undeveloped so be sure that the vehicle you’re using is well equipped to handle mountainous terrains. From the city proper, take a 15-20 minute ride to Puerto, the entrance point to Bukidnon.
As soon as you reach barangay Ala-e you’ll be stopping by at a nearest footbath station; this is the 1st land mark that you need to remember.

Once you pass by the footbath area, you’ll then be passing towards a rotunda with two roads leading to two different directions the one on the left is the road going to the city of Malaybalay and Valencia, while the road on the right is going towards Del Monte Camp Phillips.
Take the right road and travel further until you reach the pineapple farm. This is where the journey to Dahilayan begins. Just go straight ahead passing by the pineapple plantation fields until you reach barangay Dahilayan.

Just look around for markers that indicate where the adventure park is so that you’re going on the right direction. You can also ask locals around the place so they can point you in the right direction.

Dahilayan Adventure Park Rates:

Zip Line – (Zip Zone Package: Includes 840m and 320m + 150m Zip Rides) php 600.00
ATV Tours – (20mins) php 400.00
Mini Boat Ski Ride – (15mins) php 200.00
Zorbit – (minimum of 2 persons) php400.00
Horseback Riding – php 200.00
(Note: Prices are subject to change without prior notice)

While waiting for your turn to go zip lining you can stay at their newly built gazebos and picnic tables and spend time enjoying the awesome breeze and surrounding view at the park. Food and drinks may be scarce at the park so don’t forget to bring your own food and drinks. Also, due to sudden weather and temperature change everyone is requested to bring their winter coats and jackets.

More paved, wider roads for Mindanao as GMA ends term

Author, BWM Published
May 8th 2010

MORE paved and wider roads will cater to business operators, tourists and people in Mindanao as the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) is set to complete major road projects before President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo ends term on June 30.
“We are bracing completion for the on-going construction of major road networks and bridges placed under the Mindanao Super Region strategy,” DPWH Secretary Victor Domingo said.

Progress reports submitted by the DPWH-regional offices to the Mindanao Development Authority (MinDA) here, show that the on-going multi-billion road projects with a total length of 451.846 kms are nearing completion.

The said projects include: the Dinagat Island Road Network; Iligan City Circumferential Road; a section of the Zamboanga West Coast Road; Region 11 side of the Kapalong-Talaingod-Valencia, Bukidnon Road and the remaining four road sections of Surigao-Davao Coastal Road are nearing completion.
“The Dinagat Island Road Network shall allow the continuous delivery of agricultural products of Dinagat to the major markets and trading posts in Surigao del Norte”, said Secretary Jesus Dureza, MinDA chair and super region champion for Mindanao.

Dureza added that ongoing improvement of the Surigao-Davao Coastal Road shall also improve the linkage of the towns along the eastern coast of Mindanao.
He also said that once completed, the road section from Bacuag in Surigao del Norte to Mati in Davao Oriental shall hasten the
movement of products from the Caraga Region and Davao Oriental to the Davao Port and nearby ports in Southern Mindanao region.

Moreover, the Kapalong-Talaingod-Valencia, Bukidnon road would cut the trip to Bukidnon from Davao del Norte by two hours.
With the construction of the 154.5 kms Zamboanga West Coast Road, the four municipalities of Sibuco, Sirawai, Siocon and Baliguian are now connected to Zamboanga City in the south and Dipolog City in the north.

Dureza also noted the on-going road improvement of Awang-Upi-Lebak-Maguindanao road traversing Shariff Kabunsuan and Sultan Kudarat. The project however, is set for completion by June next year.

Aside from these on-going projects, Dureza pointed out that DPWH has already finished two projects namely the Diosdado Macapagal Bridge in Butuan City and the Hawilian-Salug-Sinakungan road in Esperanza, Agusan del Sur. He also added that as of the first quarter this year, DPWH completed two sections of the Surigao-Davao Coastal Road specifically the 66.65 kms Manay-Mati Road and 40.141 Bacuag-Claver Road.

“The P2.1-billion Diosdado Macapagal bridge provides an alternate, all-weather and transport-efficient link across the Agusan River. The bridge serves as an alternate route for motorists during rush hours, saving around 30 minutes when traversing the highway of Butuan City”, said Dureza.
He added that the construction of the Hawilian-Salug-Sinakungan road has improved the accessibility of the hinterland in these parts of Agusan del Sur.
Dureza said with these road and bridges in place, the government’s vision for Mindanao to achieve a vibrant integrated economy is within reach.
Domingo also said that with an able infrastructure, Mindanao can even supply the country’s food requirements.

“That is why the President sees to it that farm outputs can be delivered to its destinations”, said Domingo, citing the importance of roads and bridges in the supply chain.

These road projects form part of the Agribusiness Mindanao super region, a multi-billion infrastructure support project started by Arroyo in 2006.
The super region strategy is the grouping of select regions according to their economic strengths while providing them with infrastructure support to stimulate economic activity and development.

For its part, Mindanao is given 36 projects which include roads, bridges, improvement of airports and seaports, upgrading of hospitals, irrigation, energy development and farm-to-market roads among others.

MinDA sits as the oversight agency among government agencies implementing Mindanao super region projects namely National Irrigation Administration (NIA), Department of Transportation and Communications (DOTC), Philippine Ports Authority (PPA), Department of Agriculture (DA), Department of Agrarian Reform (DAR), Department of Energy (DOE), Department of Health (DOH) and DPWH among others.

Meanwhile, data gathered and processed by MinDA show that as of 2008, Mindanao already has 4545.96 kms of paved national roads. (PNA)

home buyer juegos home building – The 2 Secrets to Success – Real Estate Investing Marketing

home buyer “We buy homes for cash” – Everyone has seen those small signs around neighborhoods. There’s a reason why there are so many: It’s because they work. Direct mail works, too.

juegos Unfortunately there are a lot of unscrupulous people out there who have seized on the increased desire and need of people find alternative sources of income.  Many of these so called gurus and experts are great marketers of themselves and their systems but lack true in-depth knowledge of the market. 

home building  REAL ESTATE INVESTING MARKETING SECRET #1: Be different!
When there are a dozen of those “we buy homes for cash” signs on the street corner, it’s hard to see the difference between one and another. But if you have yours in the window of a store or on the side of your car or on a free mug that you fill with candy and leave on the doorsteps of homes in your target neighborhood, you’re setting yourself apart. You’re being different. When you do that, you’re likely to be heard above the noise. It’s not that your message is any different, it’s just that you’re reaching your target market in a way that no one else is.

As a matter of fact while choosing a location there are few things that you have to look for if you are investing for business purpose. First see if there is any employment opportunity in the area or in the neighborhood. This will eventually give you good rental returns as lots of people will be coming here for job opportunity.

When you are marketing your business to people, remember to always keep coming back to the fundamental acronym: WIIFM. That means “What’s in it for me?” and the “me” in this acronym is your audience. Don’t go to a homeowner who is down on his or her luck and say “I’d like to earn an income by selling your home to someone else. That’s focused on you! Instead, say “I’d like to help you get back on your financial feet.” Notice the difference?

It works the same for everyone else, too. When you approach a bank, remember that their primary concern is trying to recapture as much of that money as possible. Going through a foreclosure for them is extremely expensive so you can point out to them that you can make it cheaper by taking a property off their hands You can be published without charge. You can to republish this article in your website or blog. Please provide links Active.

Go Casino Blackjack for free

An Easy Way to Turn into a Good Blackjack Player

Discovering to engage in the game of casino Blackjack reasonably properly isn’t rocket science, regardless of what the dozens of books about the subject would have you believe.

Actively playing professionally for the expert level, as is accurate of any game, is indeed complex and takes many years to excellent. But any individual can grow to be a fantastic recreational player and use a fighting possibility towards the casino basically by discovering some very simple rules.

So, if you are worn out of throwing all your funds away on brain-numbing slot machines, study on!

Blackjack could be as rather simple or as complicated while you desire to make it. Utilizing greeting card counting and innovative methods, you’ll be able to in actual fact have a slight benefit above the house in specific problems. That is, if you are willing to spend numerous hours figuring out and practicing, plus numerous hours just about every year actively playing!

Only a handful of of us have this type of dedication.

The “beginner strategy” described under is created for some of those of you who’ve by no means played Blackjack before or have played only a few times (and are worn out of losing!). It requires that you study only four simple recommendations. You can still memorize these guidelines in 30 minutes or much less.

Properly, definitely, a lot of less!

You may have heard for the term “Blackjack important strategy”. The Blackjack primary system is usually a set of betting and hit/stand guidelines to statistically maximize your chances of winning. Whilst not complex, it’ll nevertheless consider some time and quite a bit of training to master and apply consistently.

For beginners, or rather occasional game enthusiasts who tend not to want to devote several hours practicing the Blackjack basic methodology, right here is really a Newbie System that won’t offer you a headache attempting to master.

When this is not going to provide you with the same small odds towards you since the accurate Blackjack Primary Scheme (about .5%), it generates a minimal 1.5% or so edge for the casino, still one particular of the best odds you’ll discover in any casino game.

You won’t shed your shirt and you will have a fighting possibility of winning if you experience a favorable run of charge cards.

It should only acquire a number of minutes to master these 4 effortless Blackjack suggestions, although you must training for a couple of hours to obtain comfy with them just before definitely playing in a casino game.

Very first, A SHORT AND Uncomplicated LESSON Over the GAME Suggestions

For those who currently know the way to engage in Blackjack, it is easy to skip this section. Otherwise, it’s going to only consider a number of minutes to find out the rather simple actively playing guidelines.

Greeting card VALUES

Tens and encounter credit cards be counted as 10, Aces be counted as possibly one or 11 (your preference), and all other cards have a very count equal to their face value.

THE Play

All game enthusiasts engage in against the supplier, not towards an individual an additional. Each player makes their guess as well as the company starts out by dealing two handmade cards to every single player and two homemade cards to himself. The dealer’s second greeting card is dealt face-up for all players to see. Should the trader carries a “Blackjack” (and Ace plus a ten or face card), he will immediately turn it above and instantly wins all bets, unless a player also incorporates a Blackjack, in which situation it really is a tie.

Then, beginning with all the player to the dealer’s left, every single player has the option of standing (not drawing any way more cards) or being dealt extra homemade cards. Play continues with that player till the player stands or “busts” (gets a card count that totals more than 21). Following all gamers have made their choices (or busted), the vendor draws increased cards to either reach a total of 17 or greater (when they have got to instantly stop), or bust. If the seller doesn’t bust, all remaining player’s hands having a higher card complete win, and many using a reduced card total get rid of.

One especially essential point to remember is this: you goal isn’t to have a greeting card count as close to 21 as achievable, but for getting closer to 21 than the vendor, without having intending around. The objective is to beat the trader! Therefore, your decisions on whether or not draw extra handmade cards are dependent about the value from the dealer’s up card.

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DOUBLING Straight down, SPLITTING PAIRS AND Insurance plan

You’ll find three unique bets it is easy to make right after the to start with two greeting cards are dealt. Doubling lower suggests you can actually double your unique gamble soon after you obtain your primary two cards. You then obtain one – and only a – further greeting card.

Splitting pairs implies that whenever you acquire any pair on your earliest two charge cards, you may split them into two separate hands and perform each one an individual independently (of course, you ought to location an additional wager equal for your primary gamble for the 2nd hands).

Getting insurance plan signifies that in case the dealer’s up card is definitely an Ace, you are able to wager an increased amount equal to half your authentic guess as “insurance” in situation the supplier incorporates a blackjack. If the dealer incorporates a blackjack, you drop your unique wager but your insurance cover wager is paid at a couple of to 1, so you break even.


In order to understand and apply any Blackjack technique, you need to gain knowledge of the distinction in between “hard” and “soft” hands. This is simply because the strategies for many plays are several depending on whether or not you employ a smooth palm or perhaps a tricky hand.

A “soft” hands is only one that has an Ace which can be counted as 11 (don’t forget: Aces may be counted as possibly an individual or 11). For example, a hands composed of an Ace including a four is named a delicate 15.

A hand that possibly includes no Aces or the Ace is counted as the one is labeled as a “hard” palm. For example, a hands composed of the 6 and also a 9 is known as a really hard 15. A hands with an Ace and 4 is referred to as a delicate 15 (11 and also 4), but at any time you then draw an 8 you need to count the Ace as one instead of 11, giving you a very difficult 13 (since counting it as 11 would offer you a “bust” hands of 23).

4 Hassle-free Suggestions

Here are 4 Blackjack general technique guidelines that anybody can effortlessly don’t forget. Always adhere to them exactly and you’ll be playing greater then the majority of individuals who sit down at a blackjack table.

Despite the fact that these four rules do not represent “perfect” Blackjack standard technique, they offer you a superb deal of your advantage of a great standard technique and are extremely simple and easy to memorize.

1. If the dealer’s up card is 7 or bigger, continue to draw credit cards till you use a really difficult be counted of no less than 17 or higher, or a smooth be counted of 18 or larger.

2. If the dealer’s up greeting card is 6 or reduced, draw notes till you possess at least 12. Stop if you have 12 or better.

three. Double lower when your very first two notes total 10 or 11, In the event the dealer carries a 9 or lower.

4. Always split aces and eights. Don’t split any other pairs.

And which is it! These four easy principles will acquire you out with the “sucker” category, maintain you out of serious trouble and ensure that the property edge is all around one.5% or so – some of the most beneficial odds you will get in the casino.

The moment you’ve mastered this uncomplicated strategy, learn about the full Blackjack Simple Technique and you will whittle that house edge down to practically zero. Perfect luck!

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Why Is It Best To Choose Golf Community?

What makes your money really worth investing on a real estate in a golf community? What makes golf community special? Why should you decide on a golf community for your new home? We will talk about the advantages and benefits of residing in a golf community.

Among the housing land development, golf communities have become a trend. When you say golf community, it pertains to a deluxe gated community with amazing landscapes and diverse features. Generally, it’s the place where most individuals decide to reside after retirement. It’s an excellent way for them to compensate themselves right after years of labor and efforts. The surroundings provide pleasure that you can’t generally find in other communities.

However golf communities aren’t for older people only. This type of community also draws in families and younger individuals. This is simply because of the many facilities being provided which they can certainly take pleasure in as soon as they decide on to reside in this community. The lake or pond around the community is favorable for water sports activities that people will certainly learn to enjoy.

The significant feature of golf communities is the plethora of lovely surroundings, landscapes and gardens. One does not have to go some place else and invest thousands of pesos to be able to relax and loosen up. Your eyes will be filled with lovely surroundings. You do not need to look for a different place to take your stress away.

It’s considered that communities that have gates around them are more secure when compared with typical ones. Being a gated community, you’re protected and secured living . No one can easily get into without getting authorization from the security and only property owners and occupants can openly go in and out of the location. There is tight security enforced as guests coming in and out of the commnuity is closely monitored.

Golf communities also appeal to golf fanatics for it’s the only place that they can devote the entire day playing without having to go with many golfers. Newbies can practice their swings at any time they would like. Generally, the golf course is private to residents and property owners only.

The Club House also provides opportunities of socialization in which one can meet new friends. In case you’re new to the location, meeting new friends in the neighbourhood is an excellent advantage for your adjustment. Other features also provide avenues for meeting new friends and pleasure while residing in the place. To suit distinct lifestyles of homeowners, recreational facilities are purposely built. One does not have to go some place else to refresh during the weekend.

Golf communities may be more expensive however the quality of living condition that you’ll have once you benefit from  homes for sale will make up everything. You’ll not have the same perks and benefits from other normal communities. Hence compensate yourself! Obtain a real estate in a golf community.