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Serene spaces for a happy home

The Philippine Star
October8, 2010

The keys to happiness are actually less complicated than you think. In his much acclaimed book, The Happiness Hypothesis, Psychology Professor Jonathan Haidt lists several life conditions that ancient wisdom and research have proven to be accurate precursors to happiness and contentment.

Despite what many might think, a joyful life does not automatically stem from such things as material wealth. More than anything, happiness comes from the simple things in life: enjoying hobbies or sports, reading good books, or forging meaningful relationships. Even the amount of control you feel over situations affects overall happiness and contentment. But while most people might be visiting different places or even going abroad to fulfill the conditions for happiness.

A location you’ll love

Haidt also suggests that lasting happiness is obtained through lasting relationships and a strong sense of community. It’s also interesting to note that Ruut Veenhoven, professor of sociology at Erasmus University Rotterdam in the Netherlands and director of the World Database of Happiness, states that happiness is all about investing in good relationships. His studies show that those who take time to have a drink with friends after work tend to be happier than those who don’t.

Despite preconceived notions that material wealth and luxury bring contentment, it seems like the secret to real, long-term happiness lies in a happy, serene home that allows you to enjoy work, hobbies and even the company of friends and family.